National Winner of Open Future Contest of Telefónica

In 2018 we had our first contact with potential investors. Out of around 3,000 projects, our idea stood out for its innovation and application in the agricultural sector.

On-Campus winners in the innovation contest Mushuna 2019

In 2017, the first innovation contest was held at Yachay Tech University, the winners of this event being thanks to the innovation of our project.

On-Campus winners in the innovation contest Hult Prize 2021

In 2021, we participated in the Food for All challenge of the Hult Prize function. This event was held virtually with the support of Yachay Tech University. The dynamics of the challenge is to solve the world’s food shortage. We won this event, which allowed us to participate in the regionals for the Hult Prize.

Hult Prize Regional Impact Summit participants in Nairobi, Kenya

In March of 2021,  Water-Y was part of 60 teams projects in Nairobi, in the next step of the competition of Hult Prize, “The Regional”. In this event, Water-Y shows an efficient device that lets supply part of the lack of water in areas with stress water and as a consequence, guarantees food security. 



Wildcard winners- Hult Prize Global Accelerator Program 2021 participants

We are currently part of the Hult Prize accelerator, which allows us to be close to winning a million dollars.


Water-Y seeks to increase the food production, optimizes the use of water, and ensures the quality of food . Our condensers are safe, accessible and economical sources of water ready for use in cultivation.